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90% of the people who work in gold mining are employed in small artisanal mines, where technology is scarce and everything is manpower-based. 25 million men and women support their families thanks to this work, putting their lives and health at risk every day.

Around the mines villages and communities of miners are born who live with their families in precarious housing without access to basic services such as drinking water, health care, education. These miners depend on intermediaries who pay for their gold up to 30% below the market price, determined on the exchange.

Fairtrade gold: gold with a heart

In this precarious situation, miners can join a cooperative and join Fairtrade. Gold is paid more, at least 95% of market value. They also receive an additional cash bonus (2000 dollars per kg) which must be invested in improving working conditions and in projects useful to the community (health centres, schools, aqueducts). Fairtrade certification also provides for compliance with safety standards through training courses and the use of adequate protective devices. Child labor is prohibited.

By choosing to buy Fairtrade gold, our laboratory supports these mining communities and enables them to work in safety and live with dignity.